Is Christmas coming to Walt Disney Studios Park?

Yes, it’s July and probably the last thing you want to be thinking about right now. But it’s always wise to plan ahead.

Last night saw quite an interesting little nugget of info slip under most radars in the Disneyland Paris community. Twitter member DFC ENG spotted projections being shown onto the Tower of the Terror after closing hours. Nothing out of the ordinary, many private events that hire out the Studios may use the attraction’s huge footprint to project a company logo (we all remember the infamous KFC of Terror, right?). What makes this interesting though is that the projections appear to Christmas related, with one very clearly depicting a Christmas tree and another possibly baubles or other festive decorations.

What would Christmas images be doing at a private event in July? Either Santa Claus has gotten very lavish in his Elf rewards scheme or this was testing for the future.

Immediately the speculative part of me kicked into gear and my mind was buzzing quicker than you could say Candy Cane. Is this evidence of a Christmas themed nighttime show in WDS? It certainly isn’t impossible, the longer nights of winter means the Studios is dark enough run a park closing show without extending its hours. This is already the case in matter of fact with January’s Season of the Force and its Star Wars spectacular, something that is scheduled to return next year. The removal of the Place des Stars stage also means Production Courtyard is now a perfect spot for guests to enjoy such a show, just like Star Wars.

This would also, if true, make complete sense in relation to the 25th Anniversary. Being such a large and important celebration for any theme park, not just Disneyland Paris, management will want as much attention as possible to be directed towards it. Therefore it would make perfect sense that our new nighttime show – Illuminations – and our two castle stage shows would be better off running throughout the entire Silver Anniversary rather than hitting the sidelines while a ‘Dreams of Christmas’ type show entertains guests of the holiday season. But you can’t have Christmas at Disneyland Paris without something, it just wouldn’t be right. Like a parade without music or a Halloween without villains.

In rides the Studios, the unlikely hero to save the winter season. This is all purely my own speculation – I’m not claiming to have any sort of insider information on this – but what if for the 25th Anniversary, Christmas entertainment is moved from Disneyland Park to Walt Disney Studios? It all seems to make perfect sense, with the Studios already proving not only a nighttime show is capable in the park but daytime stage shows too atop the latest Production Courtyard addition. That little stage constructed for Season of the Force has found many other uses over the months and soon could be playing venue to the most wonderful time of the year. All of this while Disneyland Park retains its 25th Anniversary decorations, entertainment and ambiance, if with a few Christmassy touches added in for good measure.

Again, I don’t claim to know anything about what DLP is planning for Christmas this year. I’m not some insider leaking information, or a genie with a crystal ball. I’m just a geeky Irish dude with too much time on his hands. This all does feel very likely though and, to me at least, makes perfect sense that Disney would want their new shows and entertainment running for the entirety of the anniversary year. It would also mean the Studios finally gets some Christmas attention outside of some lonely trees in Front Lot. If ever a park needed some added festive cheer it’s the home of Backlot and Armageddon.

What do you think? Could Christmas finally be making its was to WDS, or were these projections something else completely? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or over on Twitter @nidlpgeek!


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