WDS at 15 – Our younger sibling is growing up

It’s March! It may not seem like it now, but this is a pretty big month as you flip your calendars over. In a few weeks Spring (the season that is) will commence, the Emerald Isle shall celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, a whole host of major movies hit cinemas… Oh, and a certain anniversary year kicks offs. On the 26th of this month Disneyland Paris will put the silver anniversary in motion as it officially starts its 25th birthday. While this is a celebration for entire resort all the attention will be brought to Disneyland Park, after all it has been the the centerpoint and icon of Disney’s European kingdom for a quarter of a century. Far and wide, from all corners of the globe, guests will be wishing our chateau, Phantom Manor, Big Thunder Mountain and such many happy returns.

There is however another March birthday that many seem to overlook – intentionally or not. On the 16th March, Walt Disney Studios Park will celebrate its own 15th Anniversary. It may seem hard to believe to those who remember visiting back in 2002 but our sequel gate is not only well into its teens but halfway through them!
This is something certainly worth celebrating in my opinion. Love it or hate it, the Studios is now a big part of Disneyland Paris and continues to grow in footprint and quality since birth. The last 10 years alone have seen the attraction roster double with additions like Crush’s Coaster, Ratatouille, Stitch Live! and of course, Tower of Terror. Yes, there have been rocky points for old WDS throughout the years. Many of us have called it ugly, empty, poorly designed and unDisney, but that’s all part of colourful history I feel should be remembered and learned upon rather than hidden.

As far as I know, no official celebrations are planned for the Studios this year. It’s very possible that the 14th may come and go without any mention of the park’s milestone other than a tweet and facebook post. This doesn’t have to be the case everywhere, mind you.

I hearby announce “WDS at 15”. For the next two weeks you can expect a series of articles from myself on all things Walt Disney Studios Park! From the last 15 years of operation to my personal favourites, my most disliked features to a look at the possible future, I hope to give our Studios the celebration it deserves on this its crystal anniversary.

So join me on this trip through the Hollywood of today and yesteryear as we celebrate the celebration of movies, the wonder they bring and the magic that goes into our favourite films.

It’s show time!


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